Using the 'quick search' box

To speed up your workflow, we've added a quick search box which will allow you to pin point specific candidates, vacancies or adverts in a couple of easy steps.

If you want to watch a video of this in action, click here.

Finding a specific candidate

To find a candidate by name, simply start typing their name into the quick search box. As you type, suitable matches will appear underneath. The more you type in, the more condensed the list will become.

When you can see the candidate you are looking for, click their name and you will be taken straight into their record.

You can also use this feature to find people when you only have a phone number, or part of a number available. For example, you might have had a missed call but want to find out who it was from before calling back.

The same applies to email addresses. If you do not recognise the candidate from their email alone, you can type it into the search box to find the match.

Searching for specific vacancies or adverts

You can quickly find specific vacancies or adverts you are searching for simply by typing in the title. Again, the more information you type in, the more condensed your list will become. The results will also be separated under 'Vacancy' and 'Adverts' in the list that appears.

You can also search based on the reference number. This is particularly useful if a candidate is interested in your role.has noted the reference but can't remember the exact title they saw.

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