Facebook: Adding an image to your advert posting

Facebook allows you to add an image to your advert posting. This is simply a case of adding an image URL to one of the non-required fields during the posting process.

This adds an extra dimension to your advert posting, encouraging greater candidate engagement.


Please be aware we don't 'send' an actual image file to Facebook. We just provide the URL of where your image lives online, and Facebook will link to that.

If you post to Facebook regularly, then we suggest creating an 'image bank' somewhere. With that you can simply add the URL of different images as and when you need them. This will obviously save you uploading a new image to your server for each post. 

Image dimensions 

Facebook will re-scale whatever image you provide to the dimensions of 470 x 895 pixels. Please make sure your image is at least this size to avoid it being enlarged and losing quality.

Optimal dimensions to use are 1200 x 630 pixels.

Adding your image URL while posting

1. Prepare your image URL in advance and ensure you have this to hand.

2. Begin posting your advert as normal and select Facebook at the job board selection stage.

3. Under the extra fields section for Facebook, tick the grey box next to 'Show non-required fields'.

4. Insert your image URL into the 'image' field.

5. Populate your other Facebook fields, and those of any other boards you have selected, then click 'Post adverts'.

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