Facebook: Connecting your account for advert posting

In order to post your advert to Facebook, you will need to connect your own account to idibu first. You can post to your company Facebook page using idibu, but please note you cannot post to your personal feed.


If you are the idibu account administrator, please ensure that you have added your Facebook company account ID to the Facebook board settings area inside idibu, before your users attempt to post their adverts. Without the ID being added, the postings will fail.

Connecting your Facebook account during posting

1. Start posting your advert as normal.

2. On the posting destinations page, select Facebook as a posting destination.

3. Where you usually see the required fields for a job board, you will see 'Sign in' listed under Facebook. Click the 'Sign in' link.

4. A pop up window will appear prompting you to sign in to Facebook. If you are working from a browser where you frequently access Facebook and your logins are saved, then your account credentials may automatically populate. If not, then complete the sign in fields and click 'Continue'.

5. You account will now be connected and your account name will appear next to 'Post as' in the extra fields area.

6. To see the additional fields that are available for Facebook, tick the grey box next to 'show non-required fields'.

7. These options are where you can insert an image URL, and if you have relevant permission, specify one of your company's alternative Facebook pages to post to. If you don't specify a page here, or don't have permission to post to multiple pages, then you will be posting to the default Facebook page that has been set up on your idibu account.

7. Complete the posting process as normal.

What if my post doesn't work, and an error is displayed in the adverts tab?

The most common cause of errors is not having permission to post to your company Facebook page(s). If this occurs then speak to your company idibu account administrator to check your Facebook permissions. Only 'editors' and 'admins' of company Facebook pages are authorised to post to the company page feed.

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