Facebook: Finding your Facebook Page ID

In order for your users to post to your company Facebook page(s) it is essential that you have added the Facebook Page ID to your idibu account. Without this, your users postings to Facebook will fail. 

You will also need to assign selected users the role of 'Admin' or 'Editor' on your Facebook page(s).

Once the ID has been added to your account (and your users assigned one of the FB page roles mentioned above), you can then instruct them to sign into their Facebook accounts while posting.

Finding your Facebook Page ID

1. Log in as an administrator of your company Facebook page

2. Click 'About' in the panel on the left, and scroll down towards the bottom of the main page. You will see your Page ID listed in the 'More info' section.

4. Copy this ID and then open your idibu account. 

Adding your Facebook Page ID to idibu

1. Go to Settings, then click job board settings. 

2. Click edit next to Facebook. 

If you haven't added Facebook, then use the 'board search' field to find and open Facebook.


In order to save the Facebook board, the Default OAuth field will require a value to be input. At this initial stage, just put any character in here, e.g. a hyphen

The actual OAuth code will be automatically populated when Facebook is signed into during the posting process.

3. To set this page as default for all users, paste the ID into the Page ID field listed under 'default settings'. 

To assign specific IDs for different pages to groups, sub-groups or individual users, then paste the relevant IDs in the fields 

4. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Save board settings'. 

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