Facebook: Setting up users to post to company pages

If your business has one or more Facebook company pages then you need to give permission to users who you want to be able to post their adverts on your page feed(s). 

This is not controlled inside idibu, but within the administration area of your company Facebook account. 

In order for an idibu user to select one or more company pages to post to:

  1. Their Facebook profile must be linked to your company page
  2. They must be given an appropriate role status in order to do so. The two roles Facebook currently allow to post on your company page feed(s) are 'Admin' and 'Editor'. 

Before you start assigning roles to any of your idibu users, it's worth taking a moment to think about how you want to manage the content of your company feed. Some clients prefer to assign the appropriate role permission for posting to their feed to a select group of users, rather than everyone. 

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours as to how you want to work with these tools.

Assigning a user and role to your Facebook page

To assign an idibu user's Facebook profile and role to your company account, follow these few simple steps.

1. Log into your company Facebook page and navigate to 'Settings'.

2. In the panel on the left, click on 'Page roles'. To the right you will see a search box under 'Assign a new Page role'. Type in the name or email of the user (we would advise email) and select them from the list that appears.

3. Click on the options box to the right and select the 'role' you wish to assign to them, i.e. 'Admin' or 'Editor'. (Please refer to Facebook for more details on the permissions granted for each of these options).

IMPORTANT: At time of writing, 'Moderator', 'Advertiser' and 'Analyst' do not have permission to post to the company page feed.

4. Click 'Add' and the user will now be linked to your Facebook company page with the relevant permissions granted as per the role assigned.

Options available to the user when posting

When your user selects Facebook during the posting process, by default they will be posting to the company page dictated by the Page ID added in the Facebook board settings area. However, if you run multiple pages, and a user is assigned an appropriate role for several of these, they can select the page required by ticking 'show non-required fields'. 

You can also make this option a 'required' field in the idibu board settings area for Facebook:

We cover posting to company pages in detail for your users in our article explaining how they post their adverts to Facebook.

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