Setting up your integrated email: Non-admin users

Once your Account Administrator has completed the global settings for the integrated email tool, they will be able to advise you of the parameters to use below for 'Incoming/outgoing mail hosts', 'Port', and 'Outgoing authentication'. Contact your account administrator if you do not have this information or are unsure of the correct details to input.

(If you are using or Office 365 OR Gmail or Gmail for business, and your Administrator is not available, then these links will probably have everything you need to get up and running.)

Completing your email settings, step by step


  • Integrated email is unable to connect and verify accounts when two factor authentication (2FA) is enabled. Please disable this before proceeding with the steps outlined below.
  • The incoming mail host and port details outlined below will only be displayed if they have been specified by your Account Administrator in the global settings. So don't be concerned if you do not see them on your account!

Starting from the top of the page, we'll work through each field and setting:

1. The 'Send email as' field will automatically be populated with your username. This is what will appear in the 'From' area of your email when viewed by the candidate. We've therefore made this field editable so you have the option to insert a company, department or team name if preferred. 

2. 'Email' - yep, you guessed it. This field requires your email address, but you should find this has been automatically populated with the email on your user profile.

3. 'Incoming login' - this may be your email or a different username depending on how your email has been set up. If in doubt, your email address is most likely the correct option and again, we automatically populate this field with your email.

4. 'Password' - this is your EMAIL PASSWORD, not your idibu password.

5. 'Incoming mail host' and 'Port'. If you are unsure where to look for this information or what is required here, speak to your Account Administrator. Please note it is important to input the information you have been given here accurately, otherwise your email account will not connect.

7. 'Outgoing login' and 'Outgoing password'. These will be the same details you provided in steps 3 and 4.

8. 'Outgoing mail host' and 'Port'. The outgoing mail host will look similar to the format of the incoming host, but please note it is not the same. Be careful to use the exact details provided by your account administrator for this field. Also, the Port number will not be the same as the incoming Port number.

9. 'Use outgoing authentication': This will depend on the settings required by your email provider or those selected within your actual email settings. Again, this will depend on the details provided by your Account Administrator as to whether you need to tick one or both of these options.


If outgoing authentication is required but not selected, then this error will appear when using the integrated email tool. Selecting outgoing authentication will easily resolve this issue.

10. When you have completed all the settings, click the green 'Save' button in the bottom right corner.


  • If you are not sure what your logins, imap & smtp settings are - please contact your account administrator to confirm this first. They should be able to verify those for you.
  • If you are using email by Google, you may also need to update your account's security settings.

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