How to create a unique ID and Secret token

In this article we will walk you through the steps required to create a unique ID and Secret token to use when setting up an integration between idibu and another product. A typical example of when you might use these is when setting up your CRM integration.

To obtain these values, you'll access our developer page. If you are not a developer then don't let this scare you! The steps to create your ID and Secret tokens are really quite simple, and require no developer skill at all.

Creating your unique ID and Secret tokens

1. Log into your idibu account as normal.

2. Having done so, click this link and our developer framework page will open.

3. Click 'Create an application'... 

...and the following screen will appear:

4. Type a name into the 'Application name field'. In the next step you will be creating a plugin application that will appear in your plugins list and be accessible for future reference, so it's a good idea to choose a name that's clear and relevant. For example, if you are following these steps to create ID and Secret tokens to set up your CRM integration then we'd advise using the name of your CRM.

5. Click 'Save'.

6. The next page that opens is not relevant if you are simply creating ID and Secret tokens. So you can now close this tab.

7. Click this link again to open the developer frame work page. You will see the app you have just created and can now safely copy the ID and Secret values. 

8. Finally, you need to activate the app you have created for these values to work. Go back to your main idibu account, open 'settings' and select 'Manage plugins and addons' from the drop down list.

9. Scroll down and you will find the application you have created listed as a plugin. Click 'Activate' where indicated...

...and make sure you select 'For all users' before clicking the final 'Activate' button.

10. Your ID and Secret tokens are now set up and active.

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