Adding job boards for Aggregated Searching

If you have purchased our Aggregated Search service, you can add and configure your job boards in a similar way to our posting setup.

To add your boards

1. Click on ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Board subscriptions’ from the drop down list.

2. Click on the 'Aggregated CV search'

3. In the ‘Search DBs’ field, start typing the name of the board you want to set up. You will see a list of possible matches appear in the drop down list below. The options will reduce as you type more detail.

4. Select the board your require from the list.

5. If you have not previously set this board up on your account, a ‘configuration help’ message will appear.  Please ensure you read this message carefully.

IMPORTANT: The detail varies from board to board, and this is where we will inform you of any key information pertaining to the specific nature of this board’s set up. For example, specific information you need to input into the 'options' field, or if you need to obtain a ‘Recruiter ID’ for your job board instead of using the login details for accessing the board directly. 

Also, please note that you may need different board credentials for searching than you use when posting your adverts. Please contact your job board support team or account manager if you are unsure as to the details you need to apply inside idibu.

6. Tick the box to indicate you have read and understood this message, then click ‘Got it!’

(On most boards you can access this information at a later date by clicking the ‘view more’ button next to ‘configuration options’)

7. Input your user credentials in the fields indicated.


  1. Please keep in mind that the same default, Group, subgroup and user hierarchies apply as when adding your credentials for posting. Please also note that as above, for some job boards these options are not available.
  2. As this area of our system contains sensitive data and configurations based on your job board contracts and internal policies, it is the responsibility of each client to maintain.
  3. The terms of use for a job board’s search tools will differ to those of their posting. Please take great care to ensure that when adding your searching credentials that you are in full compliance with your job boards terms of use, especially with regard to user licensing. idibu accept no responsibility for the setup, configuration and maintenance of this area in respect of your job board agreement. 

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