Adding job boards for advert multiposting

One of the key areas for setting up your idibu account is adding and configuring your job boards for posting. Whether you are adding boards for the first time, or updating your existing boards we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

In this article we’re going to focus on setting up your boards for posting. If you have purchased our  Aggregated Search service, then we outline the set up of your boards for searching here.

Although every job board has variations in their configuration options, overall the setup process is very similar for each board as far as the core setup is concerned.

Accessing and selecting your job board

1. Click on ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Board subscriptions’ from the drop down list.

2. The ‘Multiposting’ tab should already be selected as shown.

3. In the ‘Search job boards by name’ field, start typing the name of the board you want to set up. You will see a list of possible matches appear in the drop down below.

4. Select the board you require from the list.

5. If you have not previously set this board up on your account, a ‘configuration help’ message will appear.  Please ensure you read this message carefully.

The detail varies from board to board, and this is where we will inform you of any key information pertaining to the specific nature of this board’s set up. For example, if you need to obtain a ‘Recruiter ID’ from your job board instead of your usual logins in order to use the board with our multi-posting service.

6. Tick the box to indicate you have read and understood this message, then click 'Got it!'.

(on most boards you can access this information at a later date by clicking the ‘view more’ button next to ‘configuration options’)

Quota settings - **Optional**

An optional feature we provide is for you to be able to control your user postings via quota allocations. With some boards, at the top of the page you will be asked if you want to define your quotas as being ‘Period based’ or ‘slot based’.

Period based - these are one time posting credits. Each time you use a credit, and it can’t be re-used.

Slots based - Slots are like car parking spaces. If you have 10 cars in a garage, and 10 spaces, then you need to remove a car from the garage to add a new one. Similarly with advertising slots, if you have 10 slots available, and 10 live adverts, then you need to remove an advert before you can post a new one.

The type applicable will in some cases depend on the board, and in others, the type of account you have with your board. If you wish to use this feature but are unsure which option applies to your job board contract, then speak to your job board to clarify.

Having selected the correct option for your account, additional drop down(s) settings may then appear which are specific to that board. Complete these according to the terms of your account with the board.

Adding your posting credentials

By posting credentials, we mean the unique details that allow idibu to access and post to your job board account. Typically this will be a username/password combination, or for some boards this may be involve recruiter ID code. If your board uses a different method then this will be explained in the ‘configuration help’ message/area mentioned above.

The area where these are specified in your account is listed under 'User profile' and 'Login details'

This next step depends partly on how your job board account is setup, and partly on personal preference. We’ll talk through all these options:

Using the default fields

We provide a user structure hierarchy for allocating your posting credentials. If you have one set of posting credentials, then adding those to the default fields means that everyone in your idibu account can access and post to that job board.

You can still control the level of posting allowed by these users by activating the credit/slot option mentioned above, and allocating specific quota levels to each user.

If you wish to hide the board from a specific user(s), then please refer to the ‘Hiding job boards’ section below.

Group/Subgroup fields

If you only want to allocate these posting credentials to the users within a specific Group or Subgroup on your account, then use these fields. A good example of when you might wish to do this is when a board is only relevant to the specialist recruiting sector or location of the users in that group or subgroup.

This is also how you can differentiate posting to different accounts belonging to the same board, but with different branding or permissions allocated to those accounts.

If your users are set up in Groups/subgroups, you will see the Group fields as you scroll down the page. In the example below, we've highlighted the area for our example Group, "DC Recruiters":

To access the Sub Group fields of a specific group, click ‘Show more’:

User specific fields

As you may have guessed, this is when you want to specify an individual user only can access a particular board or account you have setup for that board. Similar apply to the Group/Subgroup fields, regarding the benefits of this option.

If your users are set up in Groups or Subgroups you will see these fields as you scroll down the page.

Click ‘Show more’ to access the user fields inside a given 'Group' / 'Subgroup' as applicable:



What's the ‘unordered users’ area?

This is simply where you access the credential and quota fields for any users not currently allocated to a Group or Subgroup.

As with the Group and Subgroups, simply click 'Show more' to access these users:

Hiding job boards

If there are specific users that you do not wish to access this board or see it in their posting options, then you can activate one of the slot/credit options at the top of the page. If you allocate a ‘0’ (zero) value in the slot/credit fields next to the user’s name, then the user will not be able to see or access the board. This feature is useful if you are using either the default or group field options, but wish to restrict a few individuals access.

Job board quotas

As mentioned above, you can use quotas to restrict the number of credits or slots a Group/Subgroup or User can use within a given posting period. The posting period is defined when you activate quotas at the top of the page, and with most boards you can specify the dates that your quotas renew. 

You have two fields available:

1. "Currently allocated" - these are the quotas allocated in the current posting period

2. "Reset quota level to" - this is the quota you wish to the next posting period to refresh to. This is handy if you are giving a user additional credits/slots in a busy posting period, but thereafter want the quota to "reset" to their normal level. 

In our example Clark Kent has been allocated 6 of the 20 credits available in the subgroup this month, but next month we've said this will reset to 5 credits:

The numbers allocated to either field are manually input by you, and are not changed by activity in the system.  This is because we display the remaining credits as a separate, fully automated value between these two fields. So for example, if a user has 2 credits currently allocated and has posted 1 advert, we will automatically display that 1 credit is used, and they have 1 credit remaining:

(Notice that this is also represented in the remaining and posted data for the Sub group above. This same logic applies to quotas allocated against Groups and defaults posting values.)

We will also display this information against the board inside the users account when they are posting

If the user expends all of their quota, then the board will be visible but greyed out to indicate they can no longer post to that board. However, you can always allocate more posting credits to them if they really need to post to that board (assuming you have credits available with the board themselves).

Next steps:

At this point you can save your board settings. However, we would strongly recommend also reviewing the  Additional options section, as there are tools available here that can greatly streamline the experience of your users:

Tell me more about the Additional Options area

Completing your set up

If you are happy with your current settings, click ‘SAVE BOARD SETTINGS’

If you need to change any of your settings at a later date, simply click ‘edit’ next to the board in question.


  1. As this area of our system contains sensitive data and configurations based on your job board contracts and internal policies, it is the responsibility of each client to maintain
  2. As always, we will happily provide support by answering queries, but we cannot take responsibility for maintaining this area of the system.
  3. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your job board setup, then please feel free to contact our support team.

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