Adding job boards for advert multiposting

One of the key areas for setting up your idibu account is adding and configuring your job boards for posting. 

Although every job board varies to some extent, the overall setup process is very similar.

In this article we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to set up your job boards:

  1. Accessing and selecting your job board
  2. Adding your posting credentials
  3. Using the default fields
  4. Group/Subgroup fields
  5. User specific fields
  6. The unordered users area explained
  7. Additional option fields
  8. Introducing quota settings
  9. Hiding job boards from specific users or groups
  10. Saving your settings

Accessing and selecting your job board

1. Click on ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Board subscriptions’ from the drop down list.

2. Select the ‘Multiposting’ tab if this doesn't open by default.

3. In the ‘Search job boards by name’ field, start typing the name of the board you want to set up. You will see a list of possible matches appear in the drop down list below.

4. Select the board you require from the list.

5. If you have not previously set this board up on your account, a ‘configuration help’ message will appear.  Please ensure you read this message carefully.


The detail varies from board to board here. This is where we will inform you of the key information pertaining to the set up of that particular job board. For example, if you need to obtain a ‘Recruiter ID’ from your job board instead of your using your usual logins to connect the board.

6. Tick the box to indicate you have read and understood this message, then click 'Got it!'.

For many boards, you can access this information at a later date by clicking the ‘view more’ button next to ‘configuration options’.

Adding your posting credentials

By posting credentials, we mean the unique details that allow idibu to access and post to your job board account. 

Typically this will be a username/password combination. For some boards this may be a recruiter ID code. If your board uses a different method then this will be explained in the ‘configuration help’ message/area mentioned above.


The next steps depend partly on how your job board account is setup, and partly on personal preference. 

Using the default fields

We provide a hierarchy for allocating your posting credentials. If you have one set of posting credentials, then adding those to the default fields means that every user can access and post to that job board.

You can still control the level of posting allowed by these users via quota allocations, and even hide the board from a specific user(s). 

Group/Subgroup fields

If you prefer, you can allocate specific posting credentials to the users within a Group or Subgroup. 

This is useful when a job board is only relevant to the specialist recruiting sector (or location) of the group/subgroup. It's also how you can set up different posting accounts belonging to the same board, for example, with different branding or permissions.

To access the Group fields

You can either click the blue 'Groups' button...

...or you can click the blue arrow to the left of 'Default Login'.

The Groups will then appear below the 'default login' fields.

To access the Sub Group fields

Click on 'Sub groups' to expose all the sub groups...

...or the blue arrow to the left of a Group to expose those Sub Groups only. In the screenshot below, clicking the arrow next to 'Bristol' exposes the 'IT' subgroup.

User specific fields

When you want to give access to a board account to a specific user, you can enter the board credentials in the User fields. 

To access the user fields either click the 'Users' button...

...or the arrow next to a specific Group or Sub group.


If you do not have Groups/Subgroups set up, then the User Fields will be listed within 'Unordered users' as outlined below.

The ‘unordered users’ area explained

This is simply where you access the credential and quota fields for any users not currently allocated to a Group or Subgroup. Clicking either the 'Groups' or 'Sub groups' button will expose the 'Unordered users' area.

Clicking the 'Users' button will also expose this area, but opened up to reveal all the user records within. 

Additional option fields

At the bottom of the settings area you will find the additional option fields. This is a powerful area for customising the set up of your board. We've explained this in much more detail in our additional option fields article.

Introducing quota settings 

An optional feature we provide is for you to be able to control your user postings via quota allocations. You can find out more information in our article on allocating posting quotas.

Hiding job boards from specific users or groups

You can also use the quota system to hide the job board from specific Groups, Sub groups or users. 


Make sure you save any changes you've made in the 'Board settings' tab before you click on 'Quota settings'.

Simply add '0' (zero) in the quota allocation and reset fields against the required Group, Sub group or user. 

The job board will then be hidden for the user(s) during the advert posting process.

Saving your settings

When you have completed your set up, or just need to save what you have done so far, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Board Settings'.


  1. The job board settings area contains sensitive data and configurations based on your job board contracts and internal policies. 
  2. As always, we will happily provide support by answering queries, but we cannot take responsibility for maintaining this area of the system.
  3. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your job board setup, then please feel free to contact our support team.

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