Job board set up - Additional option fields

There are a number of additional options that are available for each board, which you will find at the bottom of the settings page. 

They aren’t mandatory for completing your set up, but we’d recommend reviewing the information below as these settings could prove very useful to you:

  1. Posting duration
  2. Estimated cost per post
  3. Auto-unsubscribe date
  4. Make this board default for for users within groups(s)/subgroups(s)
  5. Force post or make it optional?
  6. The sectors that can post to this board are
  7. Extra fields

Posting duration

This is where you can set a default posting duration for your users. For example, if you are paying the same price for a 7 day or 28 day posting credit with your board, you might want to set 28 days as the default so your users don’t waste credits accidentally be selecting a lesser time period.

Estimated cost per post

This allows you to enter a value for the cost of your job board credits. We do not link to or extract this job board data dynamically, so if the price package changes, you will need to update this field again. The benefit of this field is that through our job board budget report, you can then extract data regarding your estimated spend with the board.

Auto-unsubscribe date

If you will no longer be using a board after a specific date, then entering that date here will mean that the board is automatically disabled thereafter, and will no longer appear in your users’ posting options. It helps reduce support queries they may send your way when they try to post to the board but find their posting fails.

When you click into the field, a calendar will appear so you can find and select the required date:

Make this board default for users within group(s)/subgroup(s)

This means that the selected users will find that the board has been pre-selected for them when posting.

Force post or make it optional?

We pre-select every board as being optional, but if you want to make every user post to this board without being able to deselect it, then change this to "I want the users to be forced to post to this board with no option to deselect"

The sectors that can post to this board are

This option means that the board will only appear as a posting option when specific sectors are selected.

Extra fields

At the end of the job board set up page, you will find a list of extra fields. These vary depending on the job board and how they set up their product.

When you are posting to a job board through idibu, we map as much data as possible into the core fields. These are the ones that tend to exist or have commonality across all boards.

There are usually one or more additional fields that are unique to the board which require completion in order for the board posting to be successful. We refer to these as mandatory fields and they appear automatically during the posting process:

Optimising advert posting

Often boards have extra fields which while not technically 'required' for the advert to post online, they will 'optimise' the advert posting on that board.

Therefore, they can have an impact on your rate of candidate attraction. If no settings are changed, then all these fields are available, but only appear when the user ticks ‘optimise this advert’.

If you want to make one or more of these fields mandatory during the posting process, simply select the ‘required’ option.

Equally, if you do not wish a user to ever use one or more of these fields, you can hide them by selecting ‘hidden’.

So in the example above, 'Job type' will now appear in the mandatory fields when posting, but 'Questionnaire ID' and 'Template ID' will be hidden, even when the user ticks 'Show non-required fields'.

When you are happy with all of the above settings, click 'Save board settings'


  1. As this area of our system contains sensitive data and configurations based on your job board contracts and internal policies, it is the responsibility of each client to maintain
  2. As always, we will happily provide support by answering queries, but we cannot take responsibility for maintaining this area of the system.
  3. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your job board setup, then please feel free to contact our support team.

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