Allocating posting quotas to your job boards

You can use quotas to restrict the number of credits or slots a Group, Subgroup or User can use within a given posting period. 

In this article we will look at:

  1. Setting up quotas
  2. Allocating current quotas
  3. Allocating the quota reset level
  4. Checking remaining quotas
  5. Common questions

Setting up quotas

Before allocating quotas to your users, you will need to apply the quota settings. These can be found at the bottom of the 'Quotas' tab in the job board settings area.

With many boards you will be asked to choose your 'quotas type'. There are two types of quotas:
  1. Period based - these are one time posting credits. Each time you use a credit, it cannot be re-used. 
  2. Slots based - Slots are like car parking spaces. If you have 10 cars in a garage, and 10 spaces, then you need to remove a car from the garage to add a new one. Similarly with advertising slots, if you have 10 slots available, and 10 live adverts, then you need to remove an advert before you can post a new one.
The type applicable will in some cases depend on the board, and in others, the type of account you have with your board. If you wish to use this feature but are unsure which option applies to your job board contract, then speak to your job board to clarify.
Having selected the correct option for your account, additional drop down(s) settings will then appear which are specific to that board:

Complete these according to the terms of your account with the board. 


This is where you will specify the date that your quotas renew:

Allocating current quotas

In a similar way to the job board settings area, quotas can be allocated to either Groups, Subgroups or individual Users. These options can be accessed using the buttons in the top right of the page, or selectively using the blue arrows on the left.

To allocate quota(s) in the current posting period, input the value(s) in the 'Quota' fields required:


Because groups, subgroups and users follow a hierarchy, you can use a Group or Subgroup quota to cap the overall usage by the users in the Group/subgroup. This is handy if you are allocating quotas to a large number of users, as it mitigates against any allocation errors.

Allocating the quota reset level

This is the quota you want to allocate in the next posting period.

This is handy if you are giving a user additional credits/slots in a busy posting period, but thereafter want the quota to "reset" to their normal level. 

For example, in the screen shot below the Group named 'Bristol' has been allocated 10 credits this period. However, in the next period this will reset to 8 credits:


The numbers allocated to either field are manually input by you, and are not changed by activity in the system. However, posting activity can be tracked using the 'Remaining' feature described below.

Checking remaining quotas

As credits/slots are used, those remaining are displayed in the middle of the quota and reset values. For example, below we can see that Tim has posted one advert, and has one posting credit remaining:

Save your settings

When you have completed your quota allocations, click ‘SAVE QUOTA SETTINGS’ at the bottom of the page.


  1. The job board settings area contains sensitive data and configurations based on your job board contracts and internal policies. 
  2. As always, we will happily provide support by answering queries, but we cannot take responsibility for maintaining this area of the system.
  3. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your job board setup, then please feel free to contact our support team.

Common questions

Can I hide job boards from specific users?

Yes - you can use the quota system to hide job boards from specific users, groups or subgroups by allocating '0' in the quota field. See this article for full details.

Do the quota settings link dynamically to the job board credits/slots I have available?

No - unfortunately we're not able to obtain this data dynamically. It's therefore important to ensure that any quotas you allocate in idibu correspond accurately with your job board. This applies to both what you have currently available and the quota reset value.

Can users see how many quotas they have remaining?

Yes - we display this information against the board inside the users account when they are posting

What happens when a user runs out of quotas?

If the user expends all of their quota, then the board will be visible but greyed out to indicate they can no longer post to that board. 

Can I allocate more quotas to the user?

Yes - you can always allocate more posting quotas for the current period, but do ensure you have those credits/slots available on your job board account. 

We would also recommend using the 'Reset quota' feature described above in this scenario.

How do I edit the quota allocation?

To edit your quotas, access the job board area and click ‘edit’ next to the board in question.

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