How to stop users from being able to post to a job board

Sometimes you might want to restrict which users can post to a particular job board, especially when you are using job board credentials set at default or group level.

You can therefore hide job boards from specific users via the quota system

To hide a job board from a user

1. Access the job board settings area for the board you need, and click on 'Quota settings'.

2. Click the 'Users' button to access all of the users.

3. Add '0' (zero) in the quota field next to each user you wish to hide the board from.

4. Alternatively, you can allocate '0' at Group or Subgroup level to hide the board from all of the users within.

5. Click 'Save quota settings' in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

The job board will now be hidden from their users when they post out their adverts. 

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