Connecting Linkedin for advert posting

In order to post your advert to LinkedIn, you will need to connect your own account to idibu first. This means you can post your advert to your timeline.


If you are the account administrator, the easiest route for all your users being able to post to Linkedin is for them to follow the process outlined below. We do not recommend attempting to link user accounts in the job board settings area, as this is likely to cause errors with OAuth tokens and confidentiality issues for your users (as you would need to ask for their Linkedin sign in details).

To connect your Linkedin account during posting

1. Start posting your advert as normal.

2. On the posting destinations page, select LinkedIn as a posting destination.

3. Where you usually see the required fields for a job board, you will see 'Sign in' listed under Linkedin.

4. Click 'Sign in' and one of two things will happen:

i. If you are working from a browser where you frequently access Linkedin and your logins are saved, then your account may automatically sign in and connect to idibu. 

ii. If not, a pop up window will appear prompting you to sign in to your account. 

5. Type in your email and password, then click 'Sign in'

6. You account will now be connected and your account name will appear next to 'Post as' in the extra fields area.

7. Complete the posting process as normal.

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