Populating the candidate 'Created by' field in Jobscience and Talent Rover

By default, when the CRM handoff forwards candidates to Jobscience or Talent Rover, the 'Created by' field in the candidate record is populated with the profile you have used to sign in to the CRM handoff.

However, it is possible to populate this field with the user who actions the forwarding, but this requires you to make some changes in your Salesforce account first. 

Updating your settings

1. Before updating any settings in the idibu CRM handoff, it's critical to enable 'Create audit fields' in your Salesforce account by following the steps in this article

2. Once 'Create audit fields' has been enabled on your Salesforce account, inside idibu go to 'Settings' and click 'CRM Handoff'.

3. Inside the 'CRM settings' area, immediately underneath 'Candidate forwarding' tick the option to 'Populate the "Created By" field in Jobscience/Talent Rover with the idibu user who forwards the candidate'.

4. A warning message will appear asking you to verify that you have enabled the creation of audit fields inside your Salesforce account. If you are happy to proceed, click the green 'I've made the changes' button.

6. When you have finished, click 'Save settings' in the bottom right hand corner.

Keep in mind that it isn't always possible to populate this field with the user who forwards the candidate, for example, if the user has an idibu profile but does not have a matching profile in Jobscience/Talent Rover. But this will be the new default for your account wherever possible.

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