Moving users between groups and subgroups

There are two ways in which you can move users between different groups and subgroups:

  1. From inside the candidate record
  2. From the user list (multiple or individual)

From inside the candidate record

1. Click on the group drop down arrow.

2. Select the group or subgroup you wish to move the user to.

Note that subgroups are listed as 'group / subgroup', so in the image above 'Gotham Heroes' is a subgroup of the 'DC Recruiters' group.

3. Click the green 'Update user' button in the top right of the page.

From the user list

This method allows you to move multiple users at once between different groups and subgroups. You can also move individual users without the need to enter their user profile.

1. You can take the following steps either from the 'All users' list, or from inside a group.

2. Select the users you wish to move by clicking on the grey tick/circle icons on the right. When selected, the icon will turn green.

3. A 'With selected' drop down option will appear at the top of the page. Click on this and select 'Add to group/subgroup'.

4. From the list that appears, select the group or subgroup you wish to move the user(s) to.

5. Your users will be moved and can be found in the group/subgroup selected.

How do I remove a user from a Group/Subgroup without allocating them to another?

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