Improve applicant sifting with application pages

By Tim Parker, Product Manager.

When I was a recruiter during the economic crash of 2008, the world got flipped on its head in more ways than one. Candidate led markets suddenly became vacancy led. 

You may find in the current turmoil, that vacancies that previously drew few applicants now may draw much bigger numbers. There will certainly be an increase in good and relevant applications, but there will also be an increase in the number of applicants who unfortunately won’t have the essential skills required. 

Fortunately, we have an existing tool which can assist you here, and we will happily add to your account if you have not previously used this to date. 

Our Application Pages is a custom tool that allows you to create bespoke, branded application pages. These pages allow you to set specific filter questions which can greatly assist you in reducing the number of unsuitable applicants you have to review.

Here's an example using our own branding, which we set up in minutes:

Here are the key need-to-know benefits:

  • You can create multiple application pages to cover all the needs of your market 
  • You can easily and quickly create multiple branded themes
  • Promotional video content can be inserted into the pages
  • You can set both killer and competency based questions in the application page
  • Most importantly in the current climate, killer questions can be set to reject unsuitable applicants before they appear as an applicant against your idibu vacancy.

Regardless of volume or situation, it’s still incredibly important to treat candidates with respect and inform them quickly of the outcome of their application. Therefore, you can also set a tailor made email response which will automatically be sent to unsuccessful applicants. 

Furthermore, those candidates will still be retained in your idibu talent bank so they can be found using local search when a more suitable opportunity arises. 

You can learn more about how Application Pages work in this video, and contact your account manager to discuss adding this feature to your account.

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