The most common job board errors and how you can fix them

When you’ve got a vacancy you need to advertise urgently in the current climate, a job board error can be especially frustrating. Fortunately, most job board errors are things that can be resolved from your side quite easily and quickly.

The two most common issues that are the root cause of a job board error are:

  1. Insufficient credits or slots available with the job board you are posting to.
  2. Amended job board credentials (i.e. password or recruiter ID) that have not been updated in the job board settings of your idibu account.

We’ll always instruct you and provide as much detail as possible regarding the nature of an error when it occurs, so you can easily ascertain if the cause is one of the scenarios above. 

We can do this by sending you an email, but we will also provide this information directly inside idibu as a pop up when you click on the error icon.

What to do next

If we notify you that you have insufficient credits with the job board you are posting to 

Contact the job board (or ask your account administrator to) in order to purchase additional credits. 

If the job board uses slots rather than credits 

Remove an older advert to free up the slot for the one you are trying to post.

If we notify you that the job board username, password or recruiter ID is incorrect

You or the account administrator should check the correct details for the board, and ensure these are updated in the idibu job board settings area.

Other issues

If the message returned is an unknown error, or another issue not mentioned above which you are unable to resolve, then at that point you should raise a ticket with our support team. 

Another scenario might be that you don’t get as far as being able to post at all because you have no more posting quotas allocated to you. Posting quotas are set within your idibu account, so at their discretion, your account administrator can amend these to allow you to post. 

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