Automatically updating all unactioned applicants when a vacancy is closed

In this article we will walk you through how to activate and customise an autoreply message that can be sent to all unactioned applicants when a vacancy is closed. You can also learn more about this feature in the video article we created.

How this feature can help you

You may be getting inundated with applications right now, for vacancies that you are actively recruiting for or may need to put on hold for a short while. When you're closing a vacancy because you've made the placement, or put it on hold, you may not be able to action all of the remaining applications. Nonetheless, you know it's really important to engage with those candidates - now more than ever.

Fortunately we have a specific engagement message you can set up which will automatically update all unactioned applicants when you close a vacancy in idibu. This message will be sent to them via email and you can edit this message to make it completely bespoke. (You can find out more about the candidate engagement suite here).

Activating and editing the autoreply message

1. Go to 'settings' > 'candidate engagement'.

2. Scroll down the page until you find the default message titled 'Let inactive candidate know vacancy is closed'. Click on the title.

3. To review and edit the default message if required, you can go straight to 'Write your message' and click 'edit'.

4. You can now review and edit the existing text as required.

5. When you are ready, click 'Done' to save your changes.

6. To activate your message, return to the main page and click the toggle switch so that it changes from red to green.

How the message is triggered

The message is triggered whenever you change the idibu vacancy from 'Active' to either 'Archived' or 'Placed'. Doing so will automatically send the message to any applicant who is as yet unactioned in the vacancy. By unactioned, we mean they are still listed under 'applicants' and have the traffic light buttons visible against them. 

You can easily change the status of the vacancy, whether you are working with idibu as a standalone product or from inside your CRM. 

If you are using idibu as a standalone product, simply open the vacancy and click on the 'Active' button in the panel on the right. Select either 'Archived' or 'Placed' from the drop down list that appears. 

If you are using idibu inside your CRM, you will need to have the vacancy dashboard activated on your account. Once activated, simply click on the 'id' logo in the top left of the idibu page...

...Then click on the 'Active' button in the panel on the right, and select either 'Archived' or 'Placed' from the drop down list that appears.

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