Jobscience - Adding idibu into Salesforce

I. Jobscience Application inside idibu

  1. Log into the idibu account it
  2. Use this link
  3. [Create an application]
  4. Name the application, i.e. "Jobscience application" and click [Save]
  5. Copy the ID and Secret for later
    👉🏻 You can review them by using the same link from point 2.
  6. Go to [Settings >> Manage Plugins and Addons], activate the application for all users

II. Ask Jobscience admin (client) to install the latest Jobscience V3 package

👉🏻 Latest Jobscience V3 package

  1. Client needs to select [Grant access to all users] option

💡 Note that this may take a while to install, the client will most likely be notified by an automated email from Salesforce once the plugin installation is done.

III. Acquire Jobscience admin login or do this with the admin on a screen share

  1. White-list idibu IP range in [Setup >> Network Access >> New]

    👉🏻IP Range: -

  2. Go to [Setup >> Custom Settings >> Manage "Idibu V3 Settings" >> Edit]

  3. Enter ID and Secret inside the idibu package page and click [Save]
    💡  Note you may need to click "New" to do so.

IV. Edit the Job Order Layout

  1. Go to any Job Order
  2. Click [Edit Layout]
  3. Add "View in idibu" to both Job Order buttons and to "Mobile & LightningActions" and to "Job Order detail"

    Gif for reference

    👉🏻 Important: Remember to do the above for all necessary job order Types. You select them inside the same screen, at the top:

V. Connect the CRM Handoff

👉🏻Jobscience CRM Handoff connection

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