Jobscience CRM Handoff configuration

This article supports the more detailed article on Setting up the CRM Handoff, with information which is specific to Jobscience. Follow the steps outlined in that article to connect your Jobscience account, and then complete the setup process as outlined below.

Setting up your preferred forwarding workflow

You will see a number of tick box options listed under 'Candidate Forwarding'.

'Populate the "Created By" field in Jobscience with the idibu user who forwards the candidate'

When a candidate is forwarded into Jobscience, by default we will assign the user who created the candidate in idibu as the candidate/application creator in Jobscience. (This is usually the owner of the vacancy they applied to, unless they already existed inside the idibu account.)

However, if you prefer the candidate and application creator logged in Jobscience to be the user who forwarded the candidate, then tick this option.

'Forwarding candidates to your Jobscience vacancy'

You have 3 options available here

For more detailed information about these options and which forwarding action is most suitable for your business, take a look at this article.

'Use yellow traffic light only to send "keep on file" candidates to CRM'

This option means that applicants you process using the yellow traffic light button will not only be kept on file in idibu, but will also be forwarded to your general candidate pool inside Jobscience.

When you have finished configuring your workflow, click 'Save Settings' in the bottom right hand corner.

Common questions

What happens if a matching user profile does not exist in Jobscience, for the user who created the candidate in idibu?

In this scenario we will assign the user credentials that have been used to connect the CRM handoff.

How is the candidate creator assigned if all candidates are being forwarded to Jobscience automatically?

In this scenario, the default method will always be applied.

What if a candidate already existed in idibu, but applied to a different consultants vacancy?

By default, we will always assign the original user marked as the candidate creator in idibu, unless the option has been ticked above to assign the user who forwards the candidate to Jobscience.

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