How to delete adverts automatically when a vacancy is closed

When you close a vacancy in idibu, by default, adverts are not automatically deleted from the job boards. However, we do have a setting you can activate which will do this. 

How does it work?

Once activated, the setting will trigger an automatic advert deletion request whenever an idibu vacancy status is change to 'archived' or 'placed'. This will request the removal of all adverts associated with the vacancy that are still live on the job boards. As ever, the deletion request will only remove adverts where remote deletion is supported by the job board.

Does this feature work with my CRM?

If you are using idibu inside your CRM, idibu now supports direct vacancy closure from inside your CRM on selected integrations. This means that when the vacancy is closed inside the CRM, the corresponding idibu vacancy is 'archived'. Therefore, you can use the setting above to trigger the deletion of associated adverts when you close your vacancy inside your CRM. The CRM integrations that currently support this feature are:

  • Bullhorn
  • Jobscience

Activating the auto-deletion setting

1. Go to 'Settings' > 'System settings' > 'General'

2. Under vacancy settings you will see an option labelled 'Remove live adverts when the vacancy status is changed to archived or placed'. Click the toggle switch. 

3. You will warned that any adverts archived or placed in error will result in the removal of live adverts, and that those adverts will require reposting if the vacancy needs to be reactivated. Click 'Continue' if you are happy to proceed.

4. Your setting will now be saved, and the toggle switch will be green.

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