Introducing the idibu CV-Library search trial

We’ve teamed up with CV-Library to create a unique opportunity for idibu clients to search the CV-Library database - for free!

How does it work?

If you are using our aggregated search feature but are not currently subscribed to CV-Library, then you can use the CV-Library Trial board to run searches alongside your other boards. This gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ in terms of seeing the calibre of candidates available on your searches. When you find candidates you would like to download, we connect you with CV-Library to set up an account. 

Using the CV-Library trial board

1. Open the search tab as normal, either directly or via one of your vacancies


We would recommend running all searches from your vacancies, as you will be able to store the search history there. This will make it easier to access the details of the candidates you seek once you're using the full CV-Library service.

2. Enter your search criteria and select your boards. In doing so, select the the CV-Library trial board with the dark blue logo.

3. Complete any additional options to fine tune your search on the trial board, just as you would with any other board, then click 'Add to search'. 

4. Click ‘Search selected CV databases'

5. You can either preview your search results in a single tab with those of your other boards by clicking 'All'... 

...or just the CV-Library ones by clicking the trial board tab. 

6. You can review the data for your CV-Library candidates. Some of the key data will be redacted, but you will still have enough information to evaluate the strength of the candidate for your vacancy. You can do this in two ways:

i. Clicking on ‘Candidate CV-Library’ will provide just the CV profile text, but with the keywords used in your search highlighted throughout. (Note that the 'add to vacancy' functionality will not work as the candidate data is not accessible for download).

ii. Clicking the drop down arrow will provide you with the branded details as provided to us by CV-Library. 

7. To unlock the candidate details, on the dropdown profile view click the ‘Unlock CV’ button. 

8. A page will open in a new tab so you can provide a few details to contact CV-Library to set up full access to their CV database.

9. Once you have an account set up with CV-Library, the standard CV-Library search board can be set up on your account. To access the full details of candidate(s) simply run your historical search again using the standard CV-Library board. You will now be able to download the candidates into your idibu account.

Common questions

My search results are slightly different on the standard CV-Library board, why is this?

Although you won’t see any significant differences, there is always the chance that a candidate has removed their details between the search you ran on the trial board and re-running that on the standard board. Any changes to candidate details or availability will be reflected in the search results list.

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