How to disable 'post a new advert'

Our 'post a new advert' feature allows your users to post a new advert with a unique reference number from a vacancy which already has one or more adverts posted. This is not to be confused with our 'reposting' feature. This article provides further details as to the differences between these features.


Disabling 'post a new advert' is a global setting which will be applied to all users.

To disable 'post a new advert'

1. Go to 'settings' and select 'system settings'.

2. On the 'general' tab, under system settings click the green toggle switch next to 'Enable ‘post a new advert’ when an advert is already posted'.


If the toggle switch is already red, then the setting has already been disabled.

3. Click 'save settings' at the bottom of the page.

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