Why are my Talent Pool stats different to my Applicant stats?

Within our Insights and Reports area, there are several dashboards. When reviewing these, you may notice that the 'Talent Pool' stats recorded in the 'Activity' dashboard differ to the applicant data displayed in the 'Attraction' dashboard.

How the Talent Pool data is calculated

The 'Talent Pool' in this regard refers to any candidate who has been processed as an applicant, and is regarded as available. In practical terms this means anyone who has been processed using the traffic light system and retained in idibu, but whose status is not marked as 'placed' against a vacancy.


If you are working with idibu integrated inside your CRM, and all candidates are being forwarded to your CRM automatically, then you can ignore the Talent Pool data here. 

In effect, the applicant data covers both scenarios for you as this also represents the candidates you have 'talent pooled' into your CRM through the autoforwarding.

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