Managing vacancy and advert viewing permissions

By default, users will only ever see their own vacancies and adverts inside idibu. However you can change this by allocating permission to see all vacancies/adverts in the account, or all those in the Group that the user is allocated to.

Permission to view all vacancies and adverts

Ticking this option in the user profile grants the user access to full vacancy and advert filering. It means that they can see any user's vacancies and adverts when using those filters.


When selecting this option, the Group option below is automatically selected as group level users are included.

Permission to view group vacancies and adverts

Ticking this option means that the user will be able to access the vacancies and adverts belonging to any other user in their Group. This includes the users within any other subgroups too. They will not be able to select any other users outside of their group when using the vacancy and advert filters.

Common questions

Can these permissions be allocated in the Group settings, so they are applied to any new user created in the Group?

Yes, you can select one of these options when you create or edit a user group, so that any new users created and allocated to the group will automatically have this permission.

Can these permissions be allocated to existing users in bulk?

Yes, you can use our existing tools to allocate these or any other permissions to multiple users at once. See this article for more details.

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