Obtaining the original source of your candidates

If your applicants always go through your website, idibu will display them as having come from that very website of yours - even if, originally, they found the job on another site and only later arrived on yours.

However, if you are tracking their original source (i.e. the job board from which they got redirected to your website to apply), idibu allows you to set that original website as the source of the candidate. This allows you to better track how your job adverts perform on various job boards!

All you need to do is automatically amend the email address to which your website sends the candidates after they apply. You will need to add the site's tracking code that you set in idibu after a + sign and before the email's @ sign.

Let's illustrate this with an example:

  1. Let's assume the application email of the job on your website is example.12345@aptrack.co.uk (remember, the address is always different for every job!).
  2. Let's also assume you are using the default tracking codes for your job boards (see this article for more information and speak to our team for assistance in setting this up).
  3. Now, if you posted to Facebook, then the candidate arrived on your website with the cfw code. Your site will need to store this value for that candidate.
  4. The moment the candidate in question applies on your website - instead of sending all their details to the email address above - your site should email example.12345+cfw@aptrack.co.uk.
  5. This way, idibu will know that, even though the applicant arrived from your website, the actual place they came from was Facebook - and our system will automatically reflect that.

You can, of course, use your own, custom parameter names, too - idibu will use the ones you have set up on your account.

If the above sounds a bit complicated, don't worry! Just get us in touch with your website developer and we should be able to organise this together.

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