Finding and using previous search strings

We understand that you may use the same boolean search or keyword strings repeatedly for different vacancies and opportunities. If you are working in a candidate led environment, you might even use these on a daily basis. 

To complement our search history tools, previous search strings typed into the 'search keywords' field will appear as soon as you click there.

You may spot the string you are looking for in the list straight away. If not, as you start typing the first words of the string, the list will reduce to provide you with potential matches.

When you find the string you are looking for, click on it to populate the 'search keywords' field.

Common questions

Does the search field include strings and keywords added in the vacancy details page?

No. This tool only records and present search criteria input directly into the 'search keywords' field in the 'search' tab.

Does the rest of the search criteria previously used get populated as well?

No. To use the exact criteria including location and job board specific details, you will need to use our search history tools.

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