Release 3.3.5

Release date: 14.04.21

Job board limitations can now be corrected on the final stage of posting

Previously when arriving on the final stage of advert posting, it was not possible to rectify any advert details that exceeded the limitations of a specific board selected. So for example, if a job board didn't accept a certain number of characters in the benefits field, it would mean returning to the previous page to amend this but that would then be applied for all the boards selected. This was also often unclear. Suffice to say, this was not ideal and something we have been keen to address for a while now.

I'm pleased to say that this release addresses this issue. So what happens now?

To use the example of character limitations, if the number of characters exceed the amount allowed for a specific field, then upon trying to post we will display this error against the board in question. Crucially, the field will appear allowing you to amend the number of characters for that specific board only. 

Key benefits: 

  • You will no longer need to return to the first page of posting, and you can just modify the data for the board required. 
  • The data will not be changed for the other boards selected that allow a larger number of characters. 

Search location data mapping updated

When searching external job boards, we need to send a post / zip code value to our third party provider that powers this feature. This means that if a Town or City is selected in the UK, we need to send the most central generic post code to them from our database. 

This is why you will see when using Leeds as the location, LS1 appears by default in the individual job board locations. 


Some UK boards will still require a full postcode to be entered in this field. You can also still override this with the town/city name where supported by the boards. See here for further details.

However, we spotted that this value was being added to the main location field when passed through from the vacancy details page. In some cases this was overriding the full postcode that was already present here. We're pleased to report this has now been rectified.


  • Minor issue with salary minimum check resolved.
  • Auto re-creation of the V2 user profile (if disabled accidentally) and reconnection to the V3 user profile.
  • Increase timeout for workers script
  • Fix the Bullhorn capacity retry logic

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