Release 3.4.3

Release date 09.06.21

Faster board selection when searching

Previously when you want to search your job boards using aggregated search, the options fields would always open when you clicked 'Select'. The original rationale was to ensure that all the correct fields were checked, but through listening to your feedback, we understand you would much prefer this to be optional. Therefore, we've now made this a simple one click process.

Postcode field added to the main search page

Our aggregated search tool requires a postcode to populate the location of the job boards selected. While some boards will also let you overwrite this with a town or city name, the post/zip code is the universal metric that works for all. When a town or city name is used in the location field, we automatically use the closest central post or zip code against each board. However you might wish to amend this, and some boards in the UK require a full postcode in order for their search to work.
Therefore, to dovetail with our single click selection update, we've also added a main postcode field which will allow you to check and amend this for all boards as required, without the need to click 'options' for each board. 


If you are not searching against a vacancy, this field will only appear once you have typed in the location. You can also still type a postcode into this main location field rather than a town or city name.

Make CRM updates optional

We've added a new setting to the CRM handoff for Bullhorn and Vincere, so that candidate record updates inside your CRM can be switched off. Previously we had automatically updated the record fields if we identified that an existing candidate had sent an updated CV in their latest application to you. However, through feedback we gathered that this was not always helpful for every client as some of you would be manually updating the candidate records and these updates could be overwritten. 

If you are an account admin, you can remove automatic updates by unticking this option in the CRM handoff settings:

Admin permissions now available in group set up

When creating a group you can now also set Admin permissions to be applied to any new users who are added to the group when created.


  • Fixed: Bulk user permissions editing issue is now resolved.
  • Fixed: Watchdog still being ticked when search page accessed again after the first search was run. This no longer happens. 
  • Fixed: Reset search button is now resetting all search fields, and will exit edit previous search mode.
  • Fixed: integrated email settings page layout. This was not displaying correctly on initial load until the page was refreshed manually. This is now resolved.
  • Fixed: Static apply URLs overwritten during posting are now saved for reposting too.

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