Release 3.4.4

Release date 30.06.21

The 'Super Admin' profile is now listed in the users area

We realised that how we displayed user license information in the users area was a little bit confusing. As the super admin profile of the account did not appear here, it created confusion because the total number of licenses used always appeared to be one greater than the number of profiles listed. Furthermore, if another user had admin rights to access this area, their profile would also not be seen and to them it would appear that there was a discrepancy of two licenses! 

Therefore, we have now added the super admin profile to this area so that the user numbers will always tally. We have also added a visible profile for anyone with permission viewing this area too. In both cases, these profiles will not be included in the multi-select functions but the owner of the profile will be able to click the name to access their own profile and maildrop info area. 

Additional user licenses can now be requested from inside the users area

In addition to the above, we have added another new feature to the users area. If you are an account administrator or have permission to access the users area, when you need to purchase more licenses you can trigger this request using the 'Request licenses' button. 

This will trigger an email to the Account Management team, and someone will then contact you to confirm the number of licenses you require and pricing.

Integrated email queue feature added

To better handle messages sent to higher numbers of candidates, we've added a new feature in the global settings which will queue the messages more evenly. This avoids the risk of rejection by email services being used. Please be aware that this will utilise one queue for all users. If a high number of users are sending high volumes of mail, there may be some delays in the emails reaching all candidates.

API updated for candidate status changes

We've updated some of the data that can be accessed via our API so that the vacancy status against a particular candidate can be updated by third party technologies that integrate with us. This has been done initially to facilitate a pending integration with AiRecruiter. Their platform will be therefore able to progress candidates in the idibu ATS workflow who successfully complete their recruitment process. More information regarding this exciting integration to follow soon.

CRM page loader icon position improved

Small thing, but the position of the page loading icon in the CRM integration now stays central dynamically. 


  • Issue resolved with exporting candidates to Bullhorn when work history company name exceeds the allowed character limit. (This will now automatically be curtailed).
  • Our webhook feature will now accept any 2XX response as successful. For example 200, 202 etc.
  • issue with the layout of the candidate search preview popup is now resolved.
  • Issue with searching 'C#' now resolved.
  • Back button inside the CRM iframe will now return the user to the same candidate they clicked on in the list, for all CRM platforms.

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