How to access your idibu account settings while inside your CRM

We've now introduced the settings menu to our CRM iframe. This means you can now access your idibu account settings from inside your CRM.

Where we previously displayed the 'help' button, we now display this icon:

Clicking this icon will give you access to all of the account settings you have permission to access. 

The following areas will open inside your CRM:

  • Your profile and maildrop info
  • Notifications
  • Integrated email

If you have admin status or permission to access any of the following areas, they will open in a new tab on your browser.

  • Users and permissions
  • Credit and purchase activity
  • System settings
  • Manage plugins and addons
  • Application pages
  • Board subscriptions
  • CRM Handoff
  • Candidate engagement 
  • Insights and reports

At the bottom of the drop down list you will still find the 'Help' button. This will still take you to all the articles relating to working with idibu inside your CRM.


While idibu is loading inside your CRM, we still display the 'Help' button. This is just in case you encounter any issues, and you can contact the support team via the Help link.

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