How to access more locations when posting an advert

When you are posting your advert, you may wish to edit or refine the location that has been pulled through from the vacancy. 

Some location names are very common, and therefore a great many versions exist globally. When you start typing in your location we always cap the list of options that appear at 10 to make it more manageable for you. 

If you cannot see the town or city in the list, you can use a comma to start typing in more specific details such as the region.

So for example, if I wanted to post an advert to Newtown in Powys, the location does not appear in the first 10 results if I just type 'Newtown'. 

However, if I type 'Newtown, Po' then Newtown in Powys appears in the more condensed list of results that appears.

I then just click on this option and idibu adds this as the posting destination:




Some locations are hyphenated, and will need to be typed as such. For example, 'Stoke-on-Trent' will not appear in the location list if typed as 'Stoke on Trent'

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