How to find unread applicants using local search

Unread applicants are a valuable untapped resource. In this article we will show you how to filter your local search results to find your unread applicants. 

If you are working with idibu inside your CRM, these candidates are almost guaranteed not to exist there. So if you've already searched your CRM database, it's useful to be able to run a search in idibu and filter the results so that only unread applicants are shown. 

If you are using idibu as a standalone product, this is also a valuable feature to ensure you are maximising the return on investment for your advertising, and providing an improved service to candidates who applied to vacancies that subsequently closed or were filled before they could be considered.

How to filter your local search results to find unread applicants

1. When your Local search results have loaded, click on the blue 'show me' filter button.

2. Click on 'Unread applicants' in the dropdown list.

3. Your search results will now be filtered to only show the candidate who are still logged as an unread applicant against a vacancy.

Note that in this example, although the search returned 23 candidates, the results have now been filtered to 5 unread applicants in this particular search.

Further information regarding the filter options

Here are the definitions of each filter option that appears in the 'show me' drop down list:

Unread applicants - these are candidates that are still listed against a vacancy as an applicant, and have not been actioned using the traffic light system. 

Actioned applicants - these are candidates that applied to at least one vacancy and have been actioned using the traffic light system (progressed or kept on file).

Everyone - this shows everyone in idibu who is a match for the search criteria including candidates added manually or via an external search.


Because 'Everyone' can include candidates who are not applicants, this will not necessary match the sum of unread and actioned applicants.

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