Release 3.5.2

Release date 04.11.21

Candidate deduplication improved

As per industry standard, we use email to de-duplicate candidate records. When a candidate applies to an advert, we check for an existing record using their email address and update the current record. However, there were a couple of loopholes that we have now closed. 
The first was that we were only checking the primary email address on the record. If a candidate had more than one email on their record, we weren't checking the others. We discovered that not only was this leading to duplicate candidates being created inside idibu, but also inside CRM systems when they were forwarded. This has now been updated so that all emails are checked for duplicate records.
The second was that if a candidate was created manually, although we would flag that a candidate existed already with the same email, we were not preventing the creation of the new candidate record. This loophole has also now been closed, and it is not possible to manually create a record inside idibu when a candidate with the same email address exists.

What about existing duplicate records?

We did not want to issue a mass update that would merge all existing duplicate records, as we would have no means to judge which should be the primary record. Candidate record merging can still be done manually however if you spot a duplicate record. 

If a candidate applies and their email address exists on two records, then we will update the record that has that address in the primary email field.

Kilometers now added to radial searching 

We've now updated the radial search drop down list in both the search and candidate filter areas to show KM as well as miles.

Downloading analytics dashboard data 

Analytics dashboard data can now be downloaded as a jpeg file to be shared or inserted to other documentation.


  • An issue with 'applicants in last day' on the analytics attraction page is now resolved.
  • An issue with the advert stats being recorded in the vacancy widget is now resolved.
  • User selection on historical statistics report is now disabled to avoid confusion, as this report is not user specific.
  • Improved 'select all'/'specific job board' selection logic in email reports area.

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