Release 3.5.3

Release date 10.02.22

New setting to ensure idibu vacancies are not created outside of your CRM

Some CRM integration users find it useful to also access idibu in its standalone form. However, the one thing that can easily break the integration workflow is the creation of a vacancy direct in idibu. 

When you open idibu inside your CRM vacancy we automatically create the idibu vacancy in the background. This is how we are then able to feed your applicants back into the vacancy from the advert you post. 

We've therefore introduced a new fail safe. There is now the option to stop idibu vacancies being created outside of the CRM, so that they can only be created from inside the CRM vacancy. 

This update currently supports:

Further instructions for setting this up are included in the links above.

What happens when the create vacancy button is clicked in idibu?

If this button is clicked in error, then your CRM will open in a new tab on your browser.

CRM Handoff disconnection alert message updated

Sticking with the CRM handoff theme, we've updated the text in the alert we send to account admins if the CRM Handoff becomes disconnected. 

The one we have been sending has proven to cause a little confusion. This is because by the time the message has been read, our automated reconnection tools have often been able to re-establish the connection. Understandably, people have been contacting support as they are unsure if they need to do anything further. 

So the new message will advise a manual check, but hopefully make it clear that if it has reconnected nothing further needs to be done.

Label change in the notifications area

It used to say 'advert owner', it now says 'advert sender'. This makes a lot more sense given that's the label when posting your advert is 'advert sender'. 

We would also like to apologise for the inadequate amount of coffee administered during the original notification design. 

(...which may or may not have been done by the writer of this article).

SSL tick box now hidden in the integrated email settings

We've simplified the settings for integrated email by removing the SSL tick box. This is now handled automatically in the back end.


Note that some of the fixes below were released as hot fixes in the last few weeks. We're just noting them here for clarity.

  • An anomaly with the candidate source widget in the vacancy dashboard has now been resolved.
  • Webmail port usage fixed
  • Location dropdown label for Australia in the posting details page now fixed.
  • Sender profile change availability fixed, when a user clicks the browser back button on the job board page.

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