Release 3.5.4


Improved User Sub-Group Management

We were passed some feedback regarding an anomaly spotted in Groups containing Sub Groups and a large number of users with how Sub Groups were displayed. In solving this we spotted an opportunity to improve the way in which Sub Groups were edited and managed. 

Previously, Sub Groups could only be seen listed in the user area and had to click on the Sub Group name to edit it. If you had a large number of users in the Group, this meant you had to scroll through multiple pages to find the Sub Group you wished to edit. 

Therefore, we've now added a list of the Sub Groups at the bottom of the Group edit page:

Each Sub Group can be edited by clicking the name:

The Sub Group will then open in edit mode:

However, you can still edit Sub Group names in the Group page when not in edit mode by clicking the Sub Group name:

See this article for more details on Sub Group editing and management.

Salesforce API connection updated

For those of you using idibu inside your Salesforce CRM with our CRM Handoff, we have updated the API version we are using to v31.0.

Other Fixes:

  • Caching issue with quotas page now resolved
  • Fix for advert deletion when idibu vacancies are archived or placed

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