Setting up your integrated email

In order to set up the integrated email on your account, you will need first to ask your administrator to enable this Add-on on your account.

Once it's active, all you need to do is:

  1. Access "Account settings" and click "Integrated email"
  2. Enter your:
    • email address
    • email login
    • email password
  3. Set up your incoming and outgoing mail hosts in accordance with what your email uses
  4. Decide if:
    • you wish to make email links use webmail as default client
    • allow automatic import of emails into candidates
  5. Once ready, click "Save"


  • If you are not sure what your logins, imap & smtp settings are - please contact your account administrator to confirm this first. They should be able to verify those for you.

To learn more on using the integrated email, click here.

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