Importing candidates directly from job boards using candidate clipper

Using our Candidate clipper tool (referred to as chrome extension in the chrome store), you can pull candidate details from job boards pretty much instantly into your idibu account. From the job board point of view, it works in exactly the same way as downloading a candidate (and using a board credit if applicable).  

However, the key difference is that it saves you the additional time and effort you would spend uploading candidates you have downloaded to your desktop, or emailed to your self. 

The key benefits

  1. You don't waste download credits by downloading someone you already have.
  2. You don't waste time downloading then uploading/emailing the candidate into your talent-bank. They are pulled directly into idibu complete with original CV pretty much instantly.

Once you've downloaded the Chrome extension to your Chrome browser, you'll find using the Candidate Clipper is incredibly quick and simple. 

How do I download the chrome extension to use Candidate Clipper?

Importing candidates using candidate clipper

1. When you have loaded the candidate details page on the job board in question, click the 'id' icon in the top right hand corner. 

2. A pop up will appear, and will automatically check for a duplicate record inside your idibu account. If no duplicate exists, you will be prompted to 'Add candidate to idibu'. You can either:

i. Simply add the candidate to your idibu account, by clicking the green 'ADD CANDIDATE' button. OR... 

ii. You can add them to one of your vacancies at the same time. To do this click the 'Add to vacancy' drop down and select the vacancy you wish to add them to.

iii. Furthermore, you can also specify what stage you would like to add them to inside the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) of that vacancy. 

3. When you are ready, click, 'ADD CANDIDATE'.

4. The candidate will be added almost instantly. (If you click the 'id' icon again, you'll see that the chrome extension tells you there is now a duplicate record already inside idibu.) 

Checking candidates flagged as duplicates

1. When you receive the message as described above, that the 'Candidate already exists' we provide you with a link to double check the candidate's record in idibu.

2. To check the record, simply click the link and the record will open.

Why did I see a 'website not supported' message?

Sometimes you might get a message saying "website not supported". This is because Candidate clipper does not work on every job board automatically, and has to be specially configured.  A full list of the job boards currently configured is available in the idibu Chrome Extension settings area.

If this happens on a site you have used previously, make sure you are in the right page area and that the page has fully loaded. If you still experience difficulty, then contact our  support team.

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