Importing candidates directly from social sources and job boards

Using our Chrome extension, or Chrome clipper tool as we sometimes refer to it, you can pull candidate details from social sources and job boards pretty much instantly into your idibu account.

Once you've downloaded the Chrome extension to your Chrome browser, you'll find using the clipper incredibly quick and simple. (For more information on downloading and setting up the extension, take a look at  this video or read this article).

Importing candidates using the chrome clipper

When you have loaded the candidate details page on the website in question, click the 'id' icon in the top right hand corner. 

A pop up will appear, and will automatically check for a duplicate record inside your idibu account. If no duplicate exists, you will be prompted to 'Add candidate to idibu'. 

You can either simply add the candidate to your idibu account, or in addition, you can add them to one of your vacancies.

Click the 'Add to vacancy' drop down and click on the vacancy you want to add them to.

Furthermore, you can also specify what stage you would like to add them to inside the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) of that vacancy. 

Then simply click, 'ADD CANDIDATE'.

The candidate will be added almost instantly, and if you click the 'id' icon again, you'll see that the chrome extension tells you there is now a duplicate record already inside idibu. 

It will also display a link to the candidate's record, so you have the option of opening the candidate's record directly inside idibu.

Click the link, and the record will open.

This is particularly useful when a duplicate is flagged and you want to double check the details, or see what activity has taken place with them.

The big benefits of using the clipper in this sense with the job boards are that:

  1. You don't waste download credits by downloading someone you already have.
  2. You don't waste time downloading then uploading/emailing the candidate into your talent-bank. They are pulled directly into idibu complete with original CV pretty much instantly.

Website not supported

Sometimes you might get a message saying "website not supported". If this happens on a site you have used previously, make sure you are in the right page area and that the page has fully loaded. If you still experience difficulty, then speak to our support team.

If you are using it for the first time on a new website, it might just be that the clipper has not yet been configured for that site. Speak to your account manager regarding the options available to you.

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