Aggregated search results page

When you run an aggregated search, the results will be displayed differently to how they appear in the local search results tab.

Firstly, the results of all the external job boards you have searched on, are listed in ranked order inside the 'All' tab.

NB: The All tab refers to external boards only.  It is a collation for all those boards, and does not include local search results for candidates already added to your idibu account.

This means you can see all of the candidates ranked by suitability in one place, or you can view the candidates for each board on separate tabs - for example, if some boards return results faster than others:

Candidates who have already been viewed from an external board will have their name faded out as in the example at the top of the screen shot below:

You can add candidates directly to the vacancy or just into your idibu talent bank for local searching at a later date. This is done via the buttons indicated below:

You can also add multiple candidates to a vacancy or your talent bank, using the multi-select logic you use in your local search results page:

You can also choose how you wish to sort your candidate results. NB: sorting by Rank (desc) will display the strongest matches from the top of the results page:

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