What actions deduct search credits?

If you are using our Aggregated Search feature, you will probably already be well aware that using this feature will deduct search credits from the boards you are searching on. Not every board works in this way, but those that do operate on a credit purchase model will deduct credits in order for you to be able to access the candidates' details. 

This article explains how those credits are deducted based on the actions you take inside idibu.

What you can see for free

For job boards that operate with a credit model, idibu is able to access and display a certain level of candidate datal without a credit being deducted from your account. We provide as much of this free data as we possibly can do directly in the search results page, and where applicable, will highlight any keywords that you have used in your boolean search query.

The data displayed will vary depending on the candidate record and the information the candidate has provided on the board. While it may be unlikely that you can judge the full strength of the candidate's match for the job, the aim is for you to have enough information to ascertain whether you should use a search credit to see more details. To reiterate, this is to a large degree dictated by the information the candidate has made available for review at this level.

Accessing further details and credit usage

There are two ways in which you can see more information regarding the candidate. Both of these methods require idibu to extract this information from the job board, and therefore both will use a search credit. This is not something in idibu's control, and as explained above, depends entirely on how the job board works.  However, please note that once you have performed one of these two actions, performing the second or even downloading the candidate to idibu will not incur any further credits being deducted. 

1.Clicking the blue arrow

To the left of the candidate name, you'll see a blue arrow. Clicking this will open up a preview page, where supported, provided by the job board. The information displayed here will depend on the board in question and some boards may still restrict some of the data displayed here. On the other hand, some boards may display the same data you will see when you click the candidate's name.

2. Clicking the candidate name

This provides the CV data parsed from the board. In some cases, it may also be the case that this data is also displayed in the preview page mentioned above. Again, it all depends on the individual board.

If you are confident in the suitability of the candidate from the free data alone, and don't take either of these actions, a credit will only be deducted when you add the candidate to your idibu vacancy or talent bank.

Adding the candidate to idibu

If you have performed either or both of the steps, a credit will already have been deducted by your board (where applicable). Therefore, adding the candidate to idibu will not cause any further credits to be deducted.  For further guidance on adding your candidates to idibu, see 'Adding candidates to idibu' in this article

Will credits be deducted via other searches where the same candidate appears?

In short, yes. We don't store all of the candidate data automatically, so any further searches that produce the same candidate will incur a further credit to be deducted if the candidate details are accessed. For this reason, it may be prudent to add candidates to idibu who may not be suitable for the vacancy in question, but who you may be able to help in future. This means that with any vacancy, your most cost effective approach is to firstly run your search locally on the idibu database (Local search). Ultimately though, this depends entirely on your company's GDPR or data policy.  If you are unsure, seek further advice from the relevant people in your company.

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