Vacancy overview page

When you create a vacancy and save the details, you will automatically be taken to the vacancy overview page.  This is also the page that opens by default when you click a vacancy title when viewing your vacancies list.

Inside the vacancy overview page we’ve created a suite of optional widgets which are activated by your account administrator. These widgets allow you to see lots of information about the vacancy, as well as providing links to useful tools and other areas.

Because these widgets are optional, the page can be tailored to the needs of your business very easily by your account administrator from within the settings area.

Here’s how it looks with everything switched on:

A brief overview of each widget

ATS breakdown

This is a graph displaying the number of candidates at each stage in the ATS in the right hand panel, with a 'View' link that takes you to the candidate tab for the vacancy. Remember, the ATS is a flexible tool which is completely customisable to your needs and workflow.


The KPI’s you’ve set in the vacancy list can now be seen graphically in the overview page.


See what portion of candidates have been sourced via your Talent Pool vs direct applications. You’ll also have stats as to how many applicants you have rejected, kept on file or progressed using the traffic light system.

Candidate source pie chart

If you want to see the sources in more detail, the sourcing pit chart gives you a breakdown as to where those applications have come from.

Candidate status view

Want to send an email or SMS to candidates at a particular stage in the ATS? Now you can do so from the overview page simply by selecting the relevant ATS status.

Related roles

And finally… we’ve possibly left the best until last. The related roles widget allows you to search for similar vacancies. This means that not only can you gain faster access to the candidates you know will be interested in your vacancy, but also add them in bulk. 

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