How do I know when a candidate has replied to my SMS message?

When you send an SMS message to a candidate using the idibu SMS tool, any reply they send is automatically recorded against their notes.

But how do you know when a candidate has replied?

You can set up an email notification very easily from within your 'Home' tab.

1. Click 'Add notification'.

2. Name your notification in a way that makes sense to you. 'SMS' is probably as good as anything and works for us.

3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to 'Tell me about...' and select 'SMS Received'.

4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to 'For updates relating to...' and select your name. 

TIP: If you are a manager covering for a colleague, you can always edit this to include another user or 'Everyone' depending on what you need to see.

5. Where it says 'Send the updates to me...' we recommend leaving this as 'Immediately'.

6. Click 'Save notification'

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