Reviewing your candidate notifications

Notifications which you receive via email are set at a global level by your account administrator. What you can see, and what you are able to do in this area depends on the permissions granted by your administrator. 

Accessing the notifications area

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Notifications’

Basic notification details

At the most basic permission level, if you have any notifications set up on your account you will see a text box for each notification. Inside the box is a description of the notification which has been set, including what the trigger is and where applicable, what the notification message may or may not have attached.

Deactivating a notification

If you have permission to deactivate a notification you will see a toggle switch inside the text box. 

If the switch is green, the notification is active. 

If the switch is red, the notification has been deactivated. 

Editing a notification

If you have been given permission to edit some of the parameters of the notification, you will see and ‘edit’ button to the right of the text box.

Simply click the 'edit' button and make the changes you require.

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