How to use applicant notifications

In this article we're going to talk through how you can use your applicant notifications not only to review your applicants, but to action them as well.

What we provide in each notification

Each time a candidate application is received to a vacancy for which you have posted the advert, you'll receive an applicant notification. 

In this notification we provide you with the key details parsed into the candidate's profile page, such as their contact details, location, education and work history. We also include their current job title and key skills parsed. (Full contact details depend on the permission level set by your account administrator).

We can also attach a copy of their original CV. (This is also a permission set by your account administrator).

If you are using landing pages, we map the answers given to those at the bottom of the email:

Processing your applicants using the notification

One of the great features of the notification is that you can actually process the application without needing to log in to idibu. This is particularly handy if you are on the move or checking your email on a different device.

It also means that if you use idibu when integrated inside your CRM, you don't need to open the CRM vacancy either.

To process your applicant, simply scroll down to the bottom of the email and you will see a selection of status options to choose from:

  • The options listed in green represent the statuses you can select from when you click the green traffic light button inside idibu. (As these are customisable, they will probably look quite different to the screen shot above)
  • The amber 'Reject for this role but add to Talent Pool' option is exactly the same as the amber 'keep on file' button inside idibu.
  • The red 'Reject candidate completely' is the same at the red rejection button. The candidate is rejected and completely removed from idibu. (This is an optional setting, so if you do not see this on your account, it has been deactivated.)

1. Click the desired option.

2. A new tab will open on your browser confirming that the action has been successful, and the candidate status is changed inside idibu.

...and that's it. 

If you are using the green statuses to forward your candidate into your CRM, then the 'trigger' status will work in exactly the same way when selected.

What if we don't use the green statuses?

When using our CRM integration, you can have things configured so that you just click the green traffic light inside idibu to forward your candidate to the CRM. This still works with the applicant notifications. Simply clicking on any of the green statuses will trigger this action. (By default, we move the candidate to 'New' when you use the green traffic light in your CRM so if in doubt, this is a always a safe bet).

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