An introduction to working with idibu from inside your CRM

When we developed idibu V3, optimising the way in which you use idibu inside your CRM was critical for us. 

In this article we present:

  1. Ease of use inside your CRM
  2. Links to key articles

Ease of use inside your CRM

We developed our latest version of idibu for ease of use - especially when integrating with CRMS. 

The beauty of our integration is that it's consistent across all platforms. It doesn't matter which CRM you're using - idibu looks and feels the same in every one.

Links to key articles

You'll find all the information you need in this area of our knowledgebase.

To make things that little bit easier, we thought we'd link all the key articles you'll need below. That way you can easily book mark this article, and share it with your colleagues.

The idibu vacancy page within your CRM

Using the idibu navigation bar inside your CRM

Posting an advert from your CRM

Reposting an advert from your CRM

Applicant handling inside your CRM

Searching your idibu talent pool from inside your CRM

Viewing idibu candidate details inside your CRM

Forwarding candidates from idibu into your CRM

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