An introduction to working with idibu from inside your CRM

This article serves as the title suggests; to give you an introduction to working with the latest version of idibu inside your CRM.

When we developed this latest platform, ease of use was one of the central principles we adopted. 

The same was true when we looked at how the huge benefits of our software could be best integrated to work hand in hand with every CRM. Without getting too lost in the technicalities, integrating any software with other platforms often results in a very different look and feel every time. It also means that updates and new feature releases can't always be passed on without the integration itself being updated. 

We wanted to change this and elevate ease of use through consistency, across every platform we partner with. In other words, regardless of the CRM you are using, our aim was for you to have the same experience when using idibu inside your CRM. Critically, we also wanted you to have the same instant access to new feature releases and updates, without having to wait for the integration to be updated.

In short, we succeeded and found an elegantly simple way to achieve this. 

All you need to know

You'll find all the information you need in this area of our knowledgebase, but to make things that little bit easier, we thought we'd link all the key articles you'll need in this introductory article. That way you can easily book mark this, and forward on to any colleagues who may need it. 

A quick note:

If some of the layout or icon positions look slightly different in your CRM system to the screenshots captured here, rest assured the functionality is consistent and universal.

Also, some of the articles we have linked for further reading (e.g. email, SMS) will show images from the stand alone system - i.e. how idibu looks when not used via the integration.  However the steps, icons and processes are no different.

The idibu vacancy page within your CRM

Using the idibu navigation bar inside your CRM

Posting an advert from your CRM

Reposting an advert from your CRM

Applicant handling inside your CRM

Searching your idibu talent pool from inside your CRM

Viewing idibu candidate details inside your CRM

Forwarding candidates from idibu into your CRM

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