idibu vacancy page within your CRM

The first page you will see when you sync your CRM vacancy with idibu, is the idibu vacancy home page. 

In most cases, you will access this by clicking the 'idibu' tab or button inside the vacancy of your CRM.

The vacancy home page has a suite of optional widgets which are activated by your administrator. These widgets allow you to see lots of information about the vacancy, but what you see displayed here will largely depend on your workflow, and how you prefer to work with idibu inside your CRM.

The result is that you have an overview page which gives you access to some great short cuts and information to help you source faster and smarter.

Here’s how it looks with everything switched on:


If you wish to return to this page at any point, simply click the 'id' icon in the navigation bar in the top left hand corner.

Need to know more about the navigation bar?

The features available within the main page

All the features we discuss here are optional. They exist as 'widgets' which can be activated and deactivated by the colleague who is your idibu account administrator. So don't panic if you can't see any of them on your account! 

If you feel that one of these features would benefit you, then discuss this with your account administrator.

Talent Pool

When you first sync the vacancy you've created inside your CRM, the 'Talent Pool' feature activates an instant search for candidate's that could be a suitable match for your role based on the job title. To see these results, click 'View matches'.

This will not only take you to a list of those candidates, but allow you to perform more detailed searches of the candidates you have sourced inside idibu using our local search feature. For more information about the options available take a look at this article regarding local search.

ATS breakdown

There are two ways you can pass candidates from idibu into your CRM. 

1) All candidates are added automatically (in which case, you can disable this ATS breakdown widget)

2) You review your applications and/or pass candidates through customised qualifying stage(s) before triggering the handoff of their details into your CRM. The handoff is triggered by allocating a specific status in the ATS listing e.g. 'Send to CRM'

The ATS widget on the home page allows you to see how many candidates are allocated to each status, and has a 'View' button which is a quick link to the idibu candidates page.


From the main idibu account you can set sourcing KPIs you wish to work to for a specific role. These link directly to custom status's created in the ATS widget. Again, this is only relevant if you are doing any time of pre-screening or applicant sifting before passing the qualified candidates into your CRM system. 


You can see what portion of candidates have been sourced via your idibu Talent Pool vs direct applications. You’ll also have stats as to how many applicants you have rejected, kept on file or progressed using the traffic light system.

Candidate source pie chart

If you want to see the sources in more detail, the sourcing pit chart gives you a breakdown as to exactly where your candidates have been sourced from.

Candidate status view

Want to send an email or SMS to candidates at a particular stage in your ATS screening? You can do so from the overview page simply by selecting the relevant ATS status. (You can also email and SMS a selection of candidates from the 'Candidates' page).

Related roles

The related roles widget allows you to search for similar vacancies that exist in your idibu account. This means that not only can you gain faster access to previously sourced candidates who are a strong match, but also add them in bulk. 

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