Filtering candidates by tag from within the 'Candidates' tab

Whether you want to send an email, SMS or allocate a group of candidates with particular tag(s) to Talent Pool, filtering by tag is really straight forward.  You can filter all your candidates from within your Talent bank, or just those within a particular vacancy. This is all done and managed from within the 'Candidates' tab.

How to filter candidates by tag

1. Click the Candidates tab

2. If the tab is filtered to only show candidates allocated to a particular vacancy and you want to filter from all your candidates, then click 'Change view' near the top right of the screen. Select 'Show all candidate' from the top of the drop down list.

3. On the right hand side of the page you will see every candidate tag that has been created within your idibu account. 

4. To filter your candidates to those with a specific tag allocated to them, simply click that tag from this list.   Want to filter by more than one tag at once? You can filter using multiple tags, simply by clicking all the tags you wish to filter by.

Notice that the tags selected are listed in blue text under 'Filter by tag'.

Selected tags can be removed simply by clicking on the tag in question again, or all tag filters can be removed at once by clicking the '(clear)' button.

6. Having filtered your candidates you can now send them an email/SMS, or allocate them to a particular vacancy or talent pool. You can also use this feature in combination with our 'Filter candidates' tool. 

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