Filtering candidates inside the Candidates tab: Candidate filter

Although we have a powerful keyword searching tool [link] within idibu, there are times when you'll just want to filter your candidates in the main candidate page. You can do this by using the 'Filter candidates' button, and can filter all your candidates from within your Talent bank, or just those within a particular vacancy. 

Filtering candidates

1. Click the Candidates tab

2. If the tab is filtered to only show candidates allocated to a particular vacancy and you want to filter from all your candidates, then click 'Change view' near the top right of the screen. Select 'Show all candidate' from the top of the drop down list.

3. Click 'Filter candidates'

4. This will generate a pop up screen which gives you the ability to filter on a number of criteria. Again, you can just filter on one criteria or a number within the pop-up.

You can then filter by...

i. Candidates created by a specific user

ii. Candidates created before or after a specific date, or within a specified date range

iii. The 'Job title', 'Email' and 'Address' which are free text search fields. This means that if you put a keyword into one of these fields, idibu will filter the candidates that have a matching keyword in that field. So for example, writing "Director" in the 'Job title' field will return any candidates with "Director" somewhere in the 'Job title' field on their candidates profile page.

TIP: The address field here will of course only return candidates with the exact word in their address field. If you want to search radially on an address or postcode, then run a local search across your talent bank using the 'Search' tab. 

iv. You can also filter by custom fields you've created on the candidate's profile page. These are listed at the bottom of the pop up, and we've shown a few example ideas here:

This feature works in the same way as the 'Job title', 'Email' and 'Address' fields, as every custom field is also a free text search field.

5. Having done this you can now send them an email, SMS or allocate them to a particular vacancy or talent pool. You can also use this feature in combination with tag filtering.

6. The filters you have selected are represented in grey blocks. To remove any of the filters selected, simply click on the X.

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