How do I know a number is valid for SMS?

Whether you are sending an SMS message to one or multiple candidates, you want to know the number you are messaging is valid. 

If this isn't the case, then we have a couple of notifications which will warn you. These will appear when messaging individual candidates, or a number of candidates using our bulk sending features. In either case, the same actions to resolve this apply. 

If the number is too short or long

If the mobile number is too short or long, then a red message will appear accordingly against the number

Note that the green send button also becomes inactive and turns grey.

To resolve this, update the correct number in the candidate record then send your message as normal.

NB: you can simply amend the number in the SMS pop-up, but as best practice we would recommend updating the candidate record. This is both for future convenience and to ensure that the messages are recorded in the candidate notes.

If the number is invalid

If the mobile number is invalid, then this notification appears in the message window:

When you see this warning appear, check and amend the number in the candidate record before sending your message. If you have no further details re their correct number (for example, on their original CV), then contact the candidate through other means to verify there mobile number for future messages. 


Credits used for messages sent to numbers that are not genuine or no longer in service cannot be reimbursed .  
Unfortunately we are only able to report on number structure and format. We don't have any reach into the mobile networks to report on whether a number is genuine or still in use

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